Dikaios: The socio-sustainable law firm

Dikaios is a firm of legal and law-related professionals, which offers advice and services to both non-profit and for-profit entities committed to creating and maintaining equitable and sustainable relationships with the environments in which they live and operate. 

These same principles guide Dikaios in the advice, which it provides to its clients and in the choice of the actions, which it eventually recommends. 

Dikaios espouses the principles of equity, transparency, social responsibility and environmental sustainability in its internal organization and activities and in its relations to society.

These same principles guide Dikaios in the advice, which it provides to its clients and in the choice of the actions, which it eventually recommends. Dikaios’ clients are both non-profit and for-profit enterprises.

Management Team

Pierre Fortin

Paolo Melchionna

Osvaldo Duilio Rossi

Our Network

Mariano Maggi
Avvocato - Contenzioso, civile e commerciale - Roma

Francesco Mollica
Avvocato - Diritto amministrativo, civile e commerciale - Roma

Domenico Porraro
Professore Avvocato - Diritto commerciale e fallimentare - Roma

Marco Macrì
Avvocato - Diritto commerciale e fallimentare - Roma

Gianluigi Abbruzzese
Avvocato - Diritto penale - Roma

Marina Giorgina Massironi
Avvocato - Diritto amministrativo - Milano

Christian Teodoli
Commercialista - Fiscale societario - Roma

Pasquale Della Corte
Commercialista Fiscale no profit terzo settore - Roma

Osvaldo Duilio Rossi
Mediatore - Roma

Ilaria Zuanazzi
Professore Diritto canonico, ecclesiastico - Torino

Valerio Gigliati
Professore - Storia del diritto, diritto canonico - Torino

Fabien Peyremotte
Avvocato - Diritto civile, commerciale - Lione

Christian Aujoulat
Avvocato - Diritto tributario internazionale - Lione

Jean Christophe Seigne
Avvocato - Diritto fiscale - Lione

Juan Manuel Perez de las Vacas Galán
Avvocato - Contenzioso, civile e commerciale - Madrid

H. Thomas Davis
Avvocato - Diritto societario e fiscale internazionale - New York

Lyn Chaplin
Commercialista - Diritto societario - Londra

Santiago Hernandez-Andreu
Architetto - Urbanistica - Roma

Fabio Foschi
Geometra - Urbanistica - Roma

Silvio Di Monaco
Avvocato - Diritto del lavoro - Salerno

Michel Jolly
Commercialista - Fiscalista - Parigi

Andrew Knibb
Commercialista - Londra

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Among Dikaios’ non-profit clients there are numerous religious congregations, foundations and associations. Dikaios assists them in the numerous aspects of their interactions with the civil world, sustaining their work to increase the amount of good in society.

Dikaios is an international law firm that assists the religious congregations in developing their activities in the complex italian legal system.
Lawyers and accountants, tax consultants and advisors manage your labour issues, real estate problems and associative issues. We work in English, French, Spanish and Italian.
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