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Dikaios is the first B Corp™ certified law firm in Italy!

B Corp

What is B Corp™?

B Corp™ was created to provide companies operating in various fields with an international certification attesting their reliability and sustainability in financial, social and environmental terms. Thanks to a recent law, a company can now become a Benefit Corporation by modifying its corporate purpose.

In order best to carry out its "mission", Dikaios has taken advantage of the opportunity introduced by the new provisions and has become a Benefit Corporation, with a view to combining the profit-driven business approach with the well-being of the community and the biosphere.

How B Corp™ works.

B Corp™ certifications are issued by B Lab®, an American non-profit organisation that assesses the requirements of each applicant company. To obtain said certification a company must meet transparency standards and demonstrate its financial, social, environmental and territorial soundness.

Why Dikaios chose to become a B Corp™.

Dikaios' activities have been found to have a highly positive impact on the community. Our idea of work merges the profit-driven logic underlying business with the achievement and protection of our "stakeholders'" best interests, namely, employees and collaborators, clients and suppliers, local communities, etc., who have an interest in the activities of our law firm. We offer legal services - our "core business" - in an ethical and responsible manner, selecting clients who are engaged in social, educational and charitable activities, especially religious congregations. We assist our clients in the carrying out of their institutional activities, thus helping them spread the good produced for the benefit of society.

If you wish to find out more about our philosophy and/or if you wish to become part of the B Corp and Benefit Companies' universe, please write to info@dikaios.international or call us on the following telephone number: +39 06 36712206.