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Piazza del Popolo n. 18
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Legal Solutions

Dikaios finds creative legal solutions

Dikaios is committed to finding creative legal solutions to each client's specific issues by confronting a client's particular nature, needs and interests with the requirements of the law.

Every client has a right to resolve its legal problems by applying solutions that are coherent with its identity, goals, values and ethics. In creating legal solutions for its clients, Dikaios strives to work with its clients to understand and adopt those goals and values.

Dikaios actively promotes dispute resolution through ad hoc conciliation and arbitration procedures with conciliators and arbitrators who are not only versed in the law but who are also sensitive to the fundamental values underpinning the parties' actions.

We operate mainly in the following areas:

  1. Administration:
    • Associative
    • Tax
    • Property
  2. Contracts:
    • Business
    • Real Estate
    • Labour
  3. Disputes:
    • ADR
    • Litigation
    • Canon
  4. Regulamentary:
    • Accreditation
    • Urban
    • Tax
    • Labour

We also coordinate an international network of professionals (lawyers, accountant, architects, etc.) to resolve your issues.